46th International Philological Research Conference

Dear colleagues,

St Petersburg State University invites you to participate in the 46th International Philological Conference held on 13-22 March 2017. The following fields of study are supposed to be explored within the framework of the conference:

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Employees and doctoral students of educational and academic institutions are invited to take part in the conference in person. There is no virtual participation option. Each speaker is allowed to register no more than one application (it is however deemed eligible to send one more paper, of which the participant is a co-author).    

Applications with abstracts attached will be accepted through 25 January online: http://conference-spbu.ru/conference/36/. Please note that applications sent via e-mail as well as ones submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The programme board's decision to include your report into the conference programme will be e-mailed to you until 16 February 2017.

We are planning to publish the conference proceedings. They will comprise papers selected by the programme board. The proceedings will be indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index. An application to index the proceedings in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science) will also be submitted.

Please note that it is the sending party that bears all travel expenses connected with the fares and accommodation.

The conference will take place at the following location: St Petersburg State University Faculty of Philology, 11 Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, St Petersburg, Russia. For further information please call the conference organisers at +7 911 254 22 58 or e-mail march.philol.conference@gmail.com. 

Paper requirements
Your application must include the following items:
1. the paper titles (entered into a particular window when submitting the application; no quotation marks required);
2. key words (from 5 to 7; provided in the 'abstract' field);
3. a brief outline of the report (from 900 to 1800 characters with spaces; provided in a particular window when submitting the application).  

Brief outline requirements:
1. Your paper must be devoted to a clearly formulated topic of current interest.
2. The brief outline must fully reveal the contents of the paper.
3. The brief outline must be provided in form of a coherent text.

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