XLVIII Международная филологическая научная конференция

Multicriteria assessment in English for International Relations

Carlos Inchaurralde Besga
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет аэрокосмического приборостроения

16:50 - 17:10

Ключевые слова, аннотация

ESP, international relations, multicriteria assessment, language learning, English testing, English language.


In this presentation I will address analytically the problems involved in the assessment of the level of proficiency in students of English for International Relations, bearing in mind the mixed quality of the goal in this kind of language instruction. Whereas it is important to consider the degree of specificity that this learning implies, there is also a need to make this learning fit within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) of the Council of Europe, with its different levels, as it is a commonly adopted standard for reference in language learning. The need to cater for a very varied range of skills is reflected in official programs of this specialty, where the main goal is the «formation and progressive development of a language personality with intercultural and foreign language communicative competence» (…) «as well as practical skills necessary for organic functioning within the framework of modern international relations», such as those related with the organization and development of international events, negotiations, projects, conferences, seminars, etc., and proficiency in business professional communication methods in international settings. The main purpose of the presentation is to explain how all these aspects can be effectively assessed at the same time, and then put forward a system in which different criteria of assessment can be used simultaneously to show different areas of language learning achievement.