XLVIII Международная филологическая научная конференция

St. George Day, Muslim Community, Border Area: Exploring Changes on Local Meaning of Sacred and Profane

Nebi Dervish Bardhoshi
Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies, Tiranë, Albania

Греческий институт
15:30 - 15:55

Ключевые слова, аннотация

St. George Day, sacred, profane, border area, Muslim community, local meaning.


St. George day, which is commemorated by Muslim communities in the border area between Kosova and Albania, continues to be a momentum that brings together people with different social, economic, cultural backgrounds and political affiliations in a common place. Within the framework of the anthropology of religion, many scholars have already underlined and pointed out the meanings, and the social and cultural contexts shaping the commemoration of St. George day in many places of the world. This scholarship seems to have stabilized certain interpretative perspectives on the issue along with the firm believe that there is still much more to be told.  In such a spirit, the most fertile way to speak about meanings in rituals is probably to observe their transformation over time. Thus, to this paper cultural changes  during the time matters very much. The ethnographic data is collected by the author over a 10 year period while researching on the border area between Albania and Kosova but also a historical perspective is important to be applied due to grasp more the local meaning and changes over time. The theoretical concerns around which the ethnographic material is framed, sheds light on the how’s s and why’s St. George Day continues to be commemorated by border area's communities the existence of which had been shaped by multiple and overlapping contexts. The author’s focus will be the way how people negotiate and shape the local meanings and social functions of a religious practice of St. George among Muslim people in border areas.
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