XLVIII Международная филологическая научная конференция

Sentence intonation of English by non-native speakers of English

Renáta Timková
старший преподаватель
Boston College

14:40 - 15:00

Ключевые слова, аннотация

Intonation, English language, Slovak language, prosodic features, pitch, second language acquisition.


The paper is focused on language interference of suprasegmental features with primary focus on the sentence intonation patterns as realized by Slovak learners of English in the process of second language acquisition. The languages in the centre of my research  belong to a group of intonation languages, it means they are not typologically distinct. However, different structure of prosodic features and tones in the languages cause difficulties to non-native speakers´ pronunciation of English. Based on the experimental analysis of acoustic signal I will refer to the findings and interpret the results of the experiment analysis. The negative transfer from L1 (Slovak language) to L2 (English language) in intonation patterns as pronounced in the text read aloud will be considered. The analysis will point out those areas of sentence intonation realization which causes difficulties to Slovak learners of English and according to which a Slovak speaker of English is recognized as a non-native speaker of English.