XLVIII Международная филологическая научная конференция

Proverbs with ethnonyms in the languages of the Central European area

Ольга Викторовна Раина
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

15:00 - 15:20

Ключевые слова, аннотация

Paremiology, proverbs, stereotypes, areal linguistics, comparativistics.


The result of the relationship of the countries of the Central European area is reflected in proverbs and aphorisms, which contain emotionally coloured images and estimations. In each language of the Central European area there are proverbs in which an estimation of entire ethnic groups is represented, and a stereotypical image of representatives of different nations is given. By emphasizing cultural and confessional differences, ideas about one’s originality are formed, which is inseparably linked with the awareness of differences from «others». Thereupon the Polish texts, as well as proverbs are of great interest, because they reflect the stereotypical image of themselves and their neighbor. The collections of proverbs reflect the stereotypical opinions about oneself and «others», which are a constant element in the language and culture of each nation. A simplified image that is a result of the linguistic and cultural interaction of nations with each other is called an ethnic stereotype. Sources of these stereotypes are observation, knowledge and experience, sometimes prejudices, fears, phobias. And therefore, these clichés are both positive and negative. Some of these stereotypical estimations function without any major changes in the national culture for several centuries, others have undergone significant changes. In all languages proverbs have a corresponding comparison of their own nation and neighbors. These stereotypical proverbs defined most concisely national characteristics. The self-image in the language picture of the world is rather positive, the following qualities are emphasized: nobility, patriotism, religiosity. Representatives of other nations often have negative qualities. They are greedy, cunning and stupid people. There are more proverbs with a positive meaning than with a negative one.