49th International Philological Conference (IPC 2020) in Homage to Professor Ludmila Verbitskaya (1936-2019)

Name Contact email Job place
Yuriy Aleksandrovich Kleiner
Head of the section «Orthoepy: The academic heritage of Professor Ludmila Verbitskaya»
Head of the section «COMPARATIVE POETICS»
Татьяна Владимировна Клубкова
Head of the section «History of Linguistics»
Nataliya Nikolaevna Kolpakova
Head of the section «Uralistics»
Marina Yuryevna Kotova
Head of the section «The Slavs in the context of world culture: comparative studies, imagology, translation studies»
Nina Aleksandrovna Lyubimova
Head of the research area «Methods of teaching languages»
Head of the section «Русский язык как иностранный и методика его преподавания»
Tatyana Viktorovna Maltseva
Head of the section «Modern problems of linguodidactics and methods of teaching foreign languages»
Evgeniy Mikhailovich Matveev
Head of the section «Literary Culture of 18th Century Russia»
Nataliya Grigoryevna Med
Head of the research area «Romance and Germanic philology»
Head of the section «Lexicology and Phraseology (Romance and Germanic Languages)»
Анастасия Юрьевна Миролюбова
Head of the research area «History of literature»
Valeriy Mikhailovich Mokienko
Head of the section «Slavic phraseology: Phraseological neologisms in Slavic languages»